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About Us

Our Goal

Our goal is to bring a variety of great food to our customers under one roof, while giving local eateries and restaurants a place to offer their menus.

Why we started?

As restaurant owners we knew 2020 was going to be a tough year for restaurants, and we had a fight ahead of us. It saddens us to see local run eateries and restaurants closing their doors every day because of Covid-19. This is the reason we created The Grub Connect, a place in which these businesses could continue to offer their creations on a smaller scale.

Our Location

Denville, NJ is the chosen location for the first Grub Connect, we chose Denville as we are former residents of the town, and love the community and downtown area. We wanted a town in which community is the focus, and the support of local businesses was key. As a business owner, in this time, we know that community support is extremely important and without doubt we know we will be at home in Denville.

Looking to the future

Currently, in Denville, we only have space for three vendors at one time, we hope we can expand to multiple locations, creating new opportunities for more small businesses. We hope to be able to encourage more vendors to come onboard so we can change up the offerings at each location.

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